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1st Snodland Scout Group

Greyhurst Scout Active Support Unit

This is the place to be if you want to support the Scout Group but cannot commit as much time as you would like, if you want to continue with the Group, supporting us where you can, but do not feel that you want to be on the Exec Committee.

It is the opportunity to become an adult member of the Scout Association but without the weekly commitment.There will be some basic attendance requirements, especially with fund raising, and the normal application rules will apply. If you want to join us you will have to become a member of the Association.

Apart from working closely with the Group,the Unit will also be offering it's services across the District and County as part of it's remit and this will include all the activities and events that we currently have and do and those that develop in future.

The SASU is also open to current adult members of the group who would also like to be involved with the other side of Scouting. It''s going to be a whole lot of fun and we want you to be there.

The current manager of the Scout Active Support Unit is Tommo Byrne 

Covid 19
10th August 2020

Covid 19

So, we have had to put up with all sorts of limitations for the last 5 months. The worse of it for us was the restriction on face to face scouting....

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