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1st Snodland Scout Group

New Scout Centre

In 2007, Scouting celebrated it's centenary. 1st Snodland Scout Group are currently building a New Scout Centre that will fulfill the needs to provide Scouting in Snodland for another century. 

Our previous wooden-built Scout Centre started life in the early 1960's, when it was used as the workmen's canteen for the building of the M20 motorway between Aylesford and Maidstone. Over the years, the Scout Group has worked to maintain, decorate and restore the building to make it useable, but the costs involved made the previous Scout Centre unviable to continue with.

The Progress

After many delays and setbacks progress on the new scout centre at Snodland has started moving forward again. Contractors have been contacted and plans have been agreed so work should start on the groundwork by the end of November. This is great news and all down to the hard work being put in by Matt Biddiss, Jack Moss and Steve Cameron amongst others. So, if all goes well, we might have a new HQ and Activity Centre by this time next year. Why so long, I hear you ask? We may well have to build the interior ourselves so there will be requests for help as we move forward. Lets hope there are some budding builders and decorators out there who will be willing to give us their time and skills when we need them.

Covid 19
10th August 2020

Covid 19

So, we have had to put up with all sorts of limitations for the last 5 months. The worse of it for us was the restriction on face to face scouting....

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